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Here you will find my currently published books, links to my other writings, and links to work by my current and former students.

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Currently Published Books:

The Floating World

A fever dream set in Tokyo’s night world, The Floating World tells the story of a young American dancer losing herself as she surrenders to the seductions of a foreign culture.

“Read this beautiful novel slowly, the way you would eat a ripe pear. The results are the same: a delightful nourishment that engages all the senses.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

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The Demimonde in Japanese Literature: Sexuality and the Literary Karyukai

Japan’s pleasure quarters, or karyukai, flourished for centuries, inspiring codes of etiquette, beauty standards, fashion and other cultural trends, and some of the national literature’s canonical works. By the mid-twentieth century, the physical space of the pleasure quarters had been decimated, first by World War II and then by the outlawing of prostitution in 1956, but its dying world continues to be immortalized in some of Japan’s most exciting books, films, and art works.

This academic monograph surveys a variety of texts from modern Japanese and world literature that celebrate the last gasps of the demimonde, along with avant-garde films, dance performances, and photographs. Including material previously not translated into English, The Demimonde in Japanese Literature explores some of the most notorious, erotic, and fiendishly subversive masterworks of the twentieth century.

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Other Writings

“A Woman in Trouble: My Life and Illnesses Filtered through Twin Peaks”: Note: this is a link to a print edition; it is not available online.

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My 2001 Articles for Salon in Chinese:

My Students’ Writings

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